(or is this some third world country)



Watching the news I see thousands of homeless people lining the streets of Las Vegas,



and further west in “The Socialist Republik of Kalifornia Orange County”,  once one of the richest areas of the country,  thousands more lining the streets living in tents and cardboard boxes etc..



 And I can only ask one question.  Why oh why do we have the “idiotcrats” demanding we open up our borders and let more and more people in to join the homeless.  Are they crazy?   What the hell is up with you “idiotcrats”?     Common sense has died in America.  Thanks a lot Barack Obama and you too George Bush , my god what have you done to our great nation. 

Our only hope is Donald Trump, he can and will do it if only the liberal left wing socialist/communists  will just shut the F up and let him go about his 

task of Making America Great Again.


Bob Hennessey


(composition is mine ,  but photos off of internet may be copywrrighted intellectual property)